Committee Member: Tony Scott-Green

Tony Scott-Green

Chicago - Composer

This native of Glasgow, Scotland holds an undergraduate degree in engineering and an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Business, but several years ago he switched tracks to focus on music, his core passion. Today he works as a composer for film and televsion, working from his home studio on the near West Side (and making frequent work trips to L.A.). Last year he saw John Williams conduct the Chicago Symphony, a moving bucket-list evening.


Any notes on your education?

My fourth grade teacher had me pegged early on: “Lively sense of humor, intelligent and competent but slow and lazy when it comes to written work”.

Favorite sport to watch?


Favorite sport to play?

Road cycling.

Best vacation ever?

Bagni di Lucca, Italy. A group of friends rented a villa and we ate and drank like a 1970s rock supergroup.

Favorite dinner?

The burger at Rootstock in Humboldt Park, Chicago.

Underrated food?

Haggis. Go ahead and look it up.

Dish you’re best at cooking?

Melissa Clark’s Skillet Roasted Chicken with sautéed spinach and ricotta.

Favorite movies?

Changes all the time, but 2001: A Space Odyssey, Lawrence of Arabia, Boogie Nights, Jules et Jim, Stepbrothers, Paris Texas, Repo Man, Ghost Dog: Way of The Samurai. They’re always up there, somewhere. Get back to me on this.

Best car youve owned?

Volvo 240DL. Just because it was my first car and no car since could ever eclipse that initial feeling of being able to go anywhere, anytime.


Triumph Bonneville.

Got a favorite watch?

My daily watch: 1964 Heuer Carrera Chronograph (Reissue).

Got a dream watch?

1964 Heuer Carrera Chronograph (Original).

Summer drink of choice?


Winter drink of choice?

Manhattan/Lagavulin Single Malt.

Bourbon or Scotch?

Both. But never on the same night. Well, when I say ’never’…

Vodka or gin?

Gin. Always gin.


Acqua di Parma. It was good enough for Cary Grant…

Do you have any philanthropic interests/endeavors?

My wife and I are committed to several great organizations: One Million Degrees, Access Contemporary Music, Full Spectrum Features, Eighth Blackbird and VOCEL.