The vehicle designers at Arcimoto are taking a serious swing at not only evolving the electric car, but reimagining cars in general.

With an eye toward re-conceiving any urban resident’s daily commute, Arcimoto is taking orders on the FUV Evergreen Edition – a futuristic blend of car and motorcycle blending maneuverability, safety and convenience.

Offering a top speed of 75 mph and a city driving range of 100 miles per full charge, the Evergreen cruises away from the realm of common smart car with a comprehensive suite of comfort and entertainment features. Starting at $19,900, every Evergreen includes heated seats and grips, Bluetooth speakers, removable doors, lockable rear storage and a Level 1 charging cable.

In addition to obvious gas savings, the Arcimoto buyer enjoys HOV/carpool lane access, tax credits and government incentive rebates. For now, the FUV Evergreen is the company’s halo build with each model assembled in Eugene, Oregon.