Committee Member: Nick DiFerdinando

Nick DiFerdinando

Scottsdale - Partner and Co-Founder of Marquee Commercial Lodging Advisors

Nick DiFerdinando has spent his life trying to help men of all ages and expertise, try to become the best version of themselves. Whether in pursuit of a new property, designing the perfect experience for men or launching a coaching and development program (his latest project), DiFerdinando takes pride in everything he does. His inspiration can be found in some of his personal heroes: Frank Sinatra, Richard Branson, Jay Z, visionaries of their time and all-around talented men.




Place you call home now (neighborhood etc)?

Las Vegas and South Scottsdale.

Favorite sport to watch?


Favorite sport to play?


Best vacation ever?

Europe, primarily Spain, every single time.

Dream trip destination?

Bora Bora.

Favorite dinner?

Anything Italian.

Favorite dessert?

Chocolate anything.

Dish you’re best at cooking?

Seafood lasagna.

Best meal youve had at a restaurant?

My entire meal at Vetri in Philly—best dining experience ever.

Road trip - three in the car with you. Living or dead. Who are they? Why?

Frank Sinatra, Richard Branson, Jay Z. The vibe, the stories, the experience and the incredible conversation of forward thinkers over multiple generations. People forget thank Frank was quite literally more powerful than anyone in the world in his day. From mob bosses to presidents, there was nobody he couldn’t talk to, influence or create a deal with/for without any negative ramifications. Everybody loved and respected that man.

Favorite TV show as a kid?

Knight Rider or Miami Vice.

Favorite actress and or actor?

I would have to go with Al Pacino.

Favorite bands?

Tricky, The Crystal Method, Portishead, but so many more.

Most impressive live performance you ever saw?

I went to a Maxwell show in August 2001 at Roselands in NYC and saw this young girl open for him, just her and her keyboard. She was amazing (so was Maxwell, may I add). When she finished she said, “my name is Alicia Keys and please look for my album.” It was an amazing experience.

Car you’d like to drive?

Pagani Zonda

Best car you’ve owned?

My classic Ferrari 308. She was my first (Ferrari) and we never forget our first.


I miss riding MotoX…Damn old age.

Got a favorite watch?

I wear my Breitling SuperOcean Heritage II with the blue face more than any other watch.

Got a dream watch?

Audemars Piquet Royal Oak Rose Gold Chronograph.

Summer drink of choice?

Water, and more water.

Winter drink of choice?

A hot mocha.

Bourbon or Scotch?

Japanese Whisky, but if it’s only an either/or question… Scotch it is.

Vodka or gin?

Basic Vodka (yup, that’s the brand).


Versace Pour Homme.

Go-to red on a wine list?


Go-to white?

Pine Ridge Viognier.

Favorite beach?

Bahamas or Maui.

On a Saturday, your favorite errand to run is:

The park with my dog.

Best work advice you ever got?

Don’t make the right decision, make a decision and then make it right.

Best thing about your career?

Working with, learning from and rubbing elbows with the world’s wealthiest and most successful people/groups.

Tell us something about your work and career path.

I am one of the partners/founders of Marquee Commercial Lodging Advisors. We sell hospitality assets (hotels). We started as one small firm in Scottsdale and now have two more offices in Las Vegas and San Francisco, and outposts in California and Texas opening soon. Our goal is to be global within the next five years.