Committee Member: Michael Greeley

Michael Greeley

Boston - Co-Founder and General Partner at Flare Capital Partners

From Hong Kong, to New York, or Boston, no matter where Michael Greeley may stay, he is always looking to the future in his hopes and efforts to reinvent and transform the business of healthcare. Beginning his career in the venture capitalist field after straying away from his plan to become a doctor after college, Greeley has found his time and energy focused on healthcare technology with Flare Capital Partners, where he is the Co-Founder and General Partner. Though Greeley dreams of sailing the Adriatic Sea with his family and going road tripping with Barack Obama, Anderson Cooper and Jerry Seinfeld, his focus for now lies in his early-stage healthcare technology venture fund, attempting to transform the business of healthcare.



New Yorker but grew up in Hong Kong.

Place you call home now (neighborhood etc)?

Beacon Hill.

Any notes on your education?

Prep school at Exeter, college at Williams College (Organic Chemistry major) and then Harvard Business School (after taking my MCATs – ugh). Went to a German Swiss school while living in Hong Kong – that was confusing.

Favorite sport to watch?

Cringe while watching football – so brutal and as a healthcare tech investor, it is scary as we better understand the risks and damage being done.

Favorite sport to play?

Really?!? I am mid-50s so it is tennis for me.

Best vacation ever?

Sailing the Croatian coast with family (even better than St. Barth’s).

Dream trip destination?

Southeast Asia.

Favorite dinner?

Have sort of an odd answer – will eat another ~10,000 dinners so not stuck on any one particular meal but if pressed, really love gnocchi and spare ribs. Don’t really enjoy shellfish.

Favorite dessert?

Apple pie with cinnamon and vanilla ice cream.

Dish you’re best at cooking?


Best meal you've had at a restaurant?

Anything at Scampo but a simple pasta at the bar cannot be topped.

Road trip -- three in the car with you. Living or dead. Who are they? Why?

Barack Obama, Anderson Cooper and Jerry Seinfeld – to try to make sense of what is happening while laughing the entire time. Would love to also have Kenan Thompson in the car as well, even if we needed to get a mini-van.

Favorite TV show as a kid?

Get Smart.

Favorite bands?

Listening to a lot of Angus and Julia Stone, Sons of Maria, Thievery Corporation, Groove Armada.

Most impressive live performance you ever saw?

Elton John in Vegas.

Car you drive now?

My kids have my car.

Car you’d like to drive?

The one my kids have.

Best car you’ve owned?

An old Audi with hand-cranked convertible top and mahogany dashboard – broke down all the time.


Are you kidding? Never.

Got a favorite watch?

My Paul Picot.

Summer drink of choice?

Mezcal with splash of grapefruit.

Vodka or gin?

Love Cotswold Gin.



Go-to wine?

Drinking a lot of rosé, nearly all-year around.

Favorite beach?

Parsons Beach in Maine.

On a Saturday, your favorite errand to run is?

Charles Street Supply on Beacon Hill – amazing how much stuff is in that small hardware store.

Otherwise, you’ll be busy doing what?

Exercise and catching up on reading.

Best work advice you ever got?

You are only as valuable as how you spend your time and who you know! Not sure that is right but it has certainly informs how to schedule your day!

Best thing about your career?

Healthcare investors get to do good and do well at the same time, presumably (hopefully).

Do you have any philanthropic interests/endeavors?

I am most focused on inner city youth violence, a tragedy that is terribly confounding. Kids should not be shooting other kids.

What do you do now for work? Tell us something about your work and career path.

I have started an early-stage healthcare technology venture fund, managing nearly $500 million. The business of healthcare is being transformed and it is fascinating to have a court-side seat while that is happening. We get to partner with some of the most brilliant, most passionate entrepreneurs on the planet.