Committee Member: Michael Chabala

Michael Chabala

Houston - Founder of Sphere

After almost a decade playing professional soccer, Michael Chabala entered corporate America—banking, brokering, private equity. But something was missing, so he returned to his passion and founded Sphere, a business designed to connect people on and off the field. He created unique workouts to compete in the boutique fitness world. “Don't let your highs get too high, or your lows get too low,” he says like a true athlete and entrepreneur.



Fresno, CA.

Any notes on your education?

Graduated in 3 years with a BA in economics from the University of Washington.

Best vacation ever?

USO tour around Pacific (Kauai, Honolulu, kwajalien, Guam and Japan).

Dream road trip?

Richard Branson, David Beckham and Kendall Jenner.

Most impressive live performance you ever saw?

Garth Brooks.

Car you drive now?


Car you’d like to drive?

Range Rover.

Best car youve owned?


Wear a watch?

Always my Apple.

Got a favorite watch?


Got a dream watch?

Daytona Rolex.

Go-to white?

Rombauer chardonnay.

Best thing about your career?

I'm changing the world by connecting strangers through my love for soccer and fitness. I get to create the perfect field while meeting new people every day.

Do you have any philanthropic interests/endeavors?

I love to #keeptheballrolling and my favorite passion is supporting pediatric cancer research but my team and I like to assist any area of the field we can.

Add anything else about yourself here that you would like the world to know about you.

Gemini, ambidextrous and love a good cup of coffee.