Committee Member: Michael Ayjian

Michael Ayjian

Philadelphia - Co-Founder of 7 Wonders Cinema

It’s most people’s dream to get a job fresh out of college that turns into a huge role, for Michael Ayjian, this dream became a reality. Starting a digital video agency in college with his friend and Co-Founder, Stephen Skeel, Ayjian saw his company, 7 Wonders Cinema, take off shortly after his graduation. Since the start of 7 Wonders Cinema, Ayjian and his team have successfully navigated through the media and film making industry to place themselves, and Philadelphia on the digital video map. Working with companies such as Mercedes and Expedia while also producing their own films, Ayjian and his team continue to thrive and prosper. “I’m doing something I love, I’m challenged to learn new things constantly and it’s different every day,” explains Ayjian.



Philadelphia, PA.

Place you call home now (neighborhood etc)?

Logan Square.

Any notes on your education?

Episcopal Academy and NYU.

Best vacation ever?

Capri, Italy.

Dream trip destination?

I’d love to go on an African Safari.

Favorite dinner?

Boring I know but steak and potatoes.

Favorite dessert?

Lemon Gelato.

Underrated food?

Armenian food.

Dish you’re best at cooking?

Anything with pasta – I’m an incredibly mediocre chef

Best meal you’ve had at a restaurant?

Both of my favorite meals in restaurants involve truffles: A truffle mushroom soup I had in India and the other a truffle pasta I had in Italy.

Road trip -- three in the car with you. Living or dead. Who are they? Why?

I’m plenty happy taking a car ride with one other person. Three more people in a car sounds like hell. Maybe I’ll bring Don Rickles for a few laughs.

Favorite TV show as a kid?


Favorite movies?

I’m sorry to say I’m from Philly and it’s not Rocky.

Favorite bands?

There are too many.

Most impressive live performance you ever saw?

Avenue Q.

Car you drive now?

Jeep Grand Cherokee Trail Hawk.

Car you’d like to drive?

I really like a matte black G-Wagon.

Best car you’ve owned?

I’ll answer this question in another 10 years.

Wear a watch?

GMT Master II.

Got a favorite watch?


Summer drink of choice?

Vodka Soda.

Winter drink of choice?

Vodka Soda.

Bourbon or Scotch?


Vodka or gin?

I think you know the answer by now.



Go-to white?


Favorite beach?

South Beach.

On a Saturday, your favorite errand to run is?

I don’t do it often enough, but I love going to the bookstore on a Saturday.

Otherwise, you’ll be busy doing what?

I’m likely out with friends on a Saturday.

Best work advice you ever got?

I’ve gotten a lot of great advice that is hard to distill into this article. Quite simply though, “be a listener,” comes to mind. You have to listen to what other people: clients, employees, consumers are saying and take that into account. Your company and your work are not all about you, it’s all about them.

Best thing about your career?

I’m doing something I love, I’m challenged to learn new things constantly and it’s different everyday.

What do you do now for work? Tell us something about your work and career path.

I am the co-founder of 7 Wonders Cinema – an award-winning digital video agency. I started the company with my business partner, Stephen, when we were in college. Other than the internships I had in high school, it’s the only job I’ve ever had. Since we started the company I’ve gained a ton of experience working with world-renowned brands and influential people.

Do you have any philanthropic interests/endeavors?

As a part of our company, we work with non-profits like the American Heart Association. I’m on the Alumni Board of Managers for the Episcopal Academy and heavily involved with Armenian community/charities.