Committee Member: Massimo LoPorto

Massimo LoPorto

San Francisco - Realtor at Vanguard Properties

When the recession left Massimo LoPorto without a job, he pivoted to a passion he long held: real estate. With his nose to the grind, the former transportation planner studied and obtained his real estate license, becoming one of San Francisco’s elite sellers. Now in the prime of his life, the thing that keeps him going is the fact that, “Every day is different.”



San Jose, CA.

Place you call home now (neighborhood etc)?

Castro District, San Francisco.

Any notes on your education?

B.S. from San Jose State University.

Favorite sport to play?

Although I don’t play sports, I thoroughly enjoy working out and regularly taking Barry’s classes. My alarm goes off at 5:15am each day, and I head straight to the gym or Barry’s. I find it’s a great way to start the day, and helps keep my weeks consistent.

Best vacation ever?

Rio de Janeiro for New Year’s–the fireworks were the most incredible I have ever seen. Visiting Christ the Redeemer was equally amazing.

Dream trip destination?

It would be amazing to take a month or two off and sail a yacht through the Mediterranean and spend time in Barcelona, Nice, Monaco, Capri, Malta and Santorini.

Favorite dinner?

Anything Mexican! I love the flavors, and if you choose right, it is well-balanced.

Favorite dessert?

The banana split at Bi-Rite Creamery, hands down!

Dish you’re best at cooking?

I keep it simple – chicken and rice.

Best meal you've had at a restaurant?

I recently went to Mexico City and had amazing Oaxacan black mole enchiladas at Azul Historico. Incredible!

Road trip -- three in the car with you. Living or dead. Who are they? And why?

My 4 grandparents. I would ask them all the things I never got a chance to.

Favorite TV show as a kid?

Friends–I will still watch an occasional episode on Netflix when I can’t fall asleep.

Favorite movies?

The Dark Knight.

Favorite bands?

U2, Maroon 5.

Most impressive live performance you ever saw?

Lady Gaga’s new residency show in Las Vegas, Enigma.

Car you drive now?

2018 Porsche Macan GTS. Perfect blend of sports car and SUV.

Car you’d like to drive?

Lamborghini Urus.

Best car you've owned?

My current one!



Summer drink of choice?

A cool glass of Flowers Rose.

Winter drink of choice?

Lambert Bridge Pinot.

Vodka or gin?

Tito’s Vodka.



Go-to red on a wine list?

Anything from Sonoma.

Go-to white?

J Vineyards.

Favorite beach?

Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro.

On a Saturday, your favorite errand to run is?

Going to the Farmer’s Market at the Ferry Building.

Otherwise, you’ll be busy doing what?


Best work advice you ever got?

Never give up.

What do you do now for work? Tell us something about your work and career path.

I am a Realtor at Vanguard Properties in San Francisco. My team and I are a top grossing team citywide, and consistently rank among the top 10 in all of San Francisco. Prior to real estate, I did transportation planning and consulting.

Do you have any philanthropic interests/endeavors?

I am a contributor to charitable organizations such as SF AIDS Foundation, HRC, OutRight Action International, and Alzheimer’s Association.