Committee Member: Manny Khoshbin

Manny Khoshbin

Orange County - President and CEO of The Khoshbin Company

Though born in Iran, Manny Khoshbin has been living in Orange County since the age of 14. Upon his second week of college, Khoshbin realized that he wanted to “succeed faster” which brought him to dropping out of school and beginning his own business. With multiple ups and downs throughout trying to get a business off of the ground, Khoshbin began to move into the direction of real estate, and the rest is history. Now grossing millions throughout four states with his realty company, Khoshbin now enjoys spending his time smoking cigars, driving one of his exotic cars, and weight lifting.



Born in Iran but been living in Orange County most of my life, since I was 14.

Place you call home now (neighborhood etc)?

Newport Beach, CA.

Any notes on your education?

I am a college dropout, two weeks into college I realized I wanted to succeed faster and I decided to quit college and opened a business.

Best vacation ever?

Bora Bora.

Favorite dinner?

Lamb chops at Louie’s By the Bay.

Favorite dessert?

Chocolate lava cake at Mastros.

Underrated food?


Dish you’re best at cooking?


Road trip - three in the car with you. Living or dead. Who are they? Why?

This is a hard one, cause my first choice is my wife and kids as I love them the most, but as for heros, Sylvester Stallone, cause we share such similar journey in life and smoke cigars, My father because to me, he is still the most courageous man; leaving Iran to give us a better life with just $2000 dollars in his pocket and John D. Rockefeller to learn and gain some wisdom.

Favorite TV show as a kid?


Favorite movies?

Rocky series, Rambo, The Pursuit of Happyness.

Favorite actress and or actor?

Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Arnold and Sylvestor Stalone.

Favorite bands?

Billy Idol, Lady Gaga.

Most impressive live performance you ever saw?

Mariah Carry.

Car you drive now?

Too many, favorite is Rembrandt Bugatti.

Car you’d like to drive?

Mclaren F1.

Best car you've owned?

Mclaren P1.


None but I have 2 segways LOL.

Wear a watch?

Rose Gold Royal Oak Offshore AP.

Got a favorite watch?

My rose gold AP.

Got a dream watch?

Sapphire Richard Mile RM-56-02.

Summer drink of choice?

Cucumber martini.

Winter drink of choice?

Blue label whiskey.

Bourbon or scotch?


Vodka or gin?



Bleu by Chanel.

Go-to red on a wine list?


Go-to white?


Favorite beach?

Bora Bora.

On a Saturday, your favorite errand to run is?

Drive my RR Drophead on PCH and smoke a cigar.

Otherwise, you’ll be busy doing what?

Smoke a cigar in my backyard.

What do you do now for work? Tell us something about your work and career path.

I invest in commercial real estate across 4 states, but also invest in other companies on the side.

What does luxury mean to you?

Getting to buy whatever you like and having to work whenever you like.

Do you have any philanthropic interests/endeavors?

Yes big supporter of TACA and CHOC for the past 11 years, recently pledged 1 million dollars to Chocs new Autism center that will be opening early next year.