Committee Member: John Meadow

John Meadow

Manhattan - Founder and President of LDV Hospitality

LDV Hospitality is the brainchild of John Meadow, whose passion for hospitality drives him to create one-of-a-kind experiences at his successful restaurants, lounges, coffee bars, and event venues. Meadow, who began LDV Hospitality after the success of Scarpetta New York, has a vision to take classic old world hospitality, and curate them to today's society, this philosophy has driven the success of LDV across the U.S., making Meadow one of the biggest names in the hospitality game. Though Meadow calls NYC home, it is through his travels and his ability to provide experiences that make people happy that have become the best part of his job.



Farmington, CT.

Place you call home now (neighborhood etc)?

Upper West Side.

Any notes on your education?

Choate Rosemary Hall for boarding high school, Cornell Hotel School for college.

Favorite sport to watch?

Soccer (Napoli)
Basketball (sadly the Knicks)

Favorite sport to play?


Best vacation ever?

Puglia this summer.

Dream trip destination?

Carnival in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil.

Favorite dinner?

Outside of Scarpetta NYC, Il Matriciano in Rome.

Favorite dessert?

Lady M Mille Crepes cake.

Underrated food?

Galician seafood.

Dish you’re best at cooking?

fine herbs omelette.

Best meal you've had at a restaurant?

1st anniversary at Le Bernardin.

Road trip -- three in the car with you. Living or dead. Who are they? Why?

Michael Jordan (my childhood idol), Andy Warhol (a genius of sociology that I would like to understand his perspective on the world today, my grandfather Giorgio Cavaglieri (he passed before I really started my career and family and I would love to get advice from him on my adult life).

Favorite TV show as a kid?

Saved by the Bell.

Favorite movies?

Beverly Hills Cop
Coming to America
La Dolce Vita

Favorite actress and or actor?

Eddie Murphy, Sofia Lauren.

Favorite bands?

Jay Z, Led Zepplin, Jorge Ben Jor.

Most impressive live performance you ever saw?

Metallica and Lou Reed playing ‘Sweet Jane’ together at Madison Square Garden at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th year anniversary.

Car you drive now?

BMW station wagon.

Car you’d like to drive?

A restored Singer Porsche.

Best car you've owned?

1990 Porsche Targa.


No, had a Vespa.

Wear a watch?

Yes, I have a few vintage watches.

Got a favorite watch?

My first grown up watch, a 1972 stainless Rolex quartz oyster perpetual.

Got a dream watch?

The original 1968 Gerald Genta designed Patek Philippe Elipse.

Summer drink of choice?

Rosati wines from Puglia, my favorite is from Calo vineyard.

Winter drink of choice?

José Cuervo Reserva de La Familia.

Bourbon or Scotch?

Neither, for after dinner always La Familia.

Vodka or gin?

Beluga Vodka.


Vetiver Extraordinaire Frederic Malle.

Go-to red on a wine list?

Brunello di Montalcino.

Go-to white?


Favorite beach?

Sagg Main, Sagaponack.

On a Saturday, your favorite errand to run is:

Going to the tailor.

Otherwise, you’ll be busy doing what?

Playing in Central Park with my daughters.

Best work advice you ever got?

Focus on what you truly love.

Best thing about your career?

I get to travel, employee good hard working people, and create restaurant experiences that make people happy.

What do you do now for work? Tell us something about your work and career path.

I started LDV Hospitality in 2008 with the original Scarpetta in the Meatpacking District, we now have 26 restaurants and bars and are growing internationally.

Do you have any philanthropic interests/endeavors?

I support the Madison Square Boys & Girls Clubs, the Cornell Hotel Society, and my kids’ school, PS 166.

Add anything else about yourself here that you would like the world to know about you.

I love my tailors and shoemaker! Their art form is one my greatest personal passion : Ambrosi for pants, Luca Avitabile for shirts, Anglo Italian and Solito for jackets, and Stefano Bemer for shoes.