The traveling man knows he’d be hard pressed (pun intended) to book a hotel room in which he couldn’t make himself a quick cup of coffee by packet or pod. He also knows the odds of that java ending up more than generic at best — and damn near undrinkable at worse — are as certain as overpriced Tito’s Vodka on the minibar.

The favor-minded brains behind Verve work to dispose of that crappy coffee cup cowering before the traveler and introduced a couple products making the sad, old hotel room brewing relic behind.


The Verve Classic Brew Kit can travel with you, complete with a grinder, filters and a press — everything needed for a perfect pour. If that’s too elaborate, Verve Instant Craft Coffee is a gourmet blend that can be made on the fly on a plane or at the final destination. All a guy needs is boiling water and a cup.

All Verve products come from its local pocket offices from San Francisco to Tokyo, maintaining an organic, active and local supply chain from “Farmlevel” to “Streetlevel.”