Urwerk’s innovative and unique satellite/carousel re-envisioning of time-telling is the technical brainchild of founders Felix Baumgartner, a master watchmaker, and Martin Frei, a cutting-edge designer. “I come from a background where creativeness has no limits. I am in no way prisoner of the traditional constraints of watchmaking, and I can therefore be freely inspired by my cultural heritage,” Frei says.

The brand’s new UR-100 SpaceTime may well be one of its most accessible timepieces, with a circular dial display that can almost be called traditional. However, in addition to the three “orbital” four-hour modules on each rotating arm, this timepiece also tells the wearer’s relative distanced travel on earth as well as the earth’s distance traveled in the solar system. An indicator at 10 o’clock logs kilometers traveled on earth based on standard planetary rotation, and an indicator at 2 o’clock tallies the distance our planet has travelled in its orbit around the sun. $49,000, urwerk.com