Is there anyone with more swagger than Tyson Beckford? We asked the supermodel, who just moved from New York to Miami, about his favorite fashion must-haves and how he manages to make everything he wears look so good.

On His Favorite Accessory

"I like wearing sunglasses. Sometimes I change them four times a day as I change my look."

On His Style Staples

"Earlier in spring I started wearing all these Hawaiian shirts and mixing them and matching them with things... We're warm all the time [in Miami] so we don't really get to wear turtlenecks and things of that nature. But we do get a chance to wear shirts like this."


On Designing His New Eyewear Collection

"I've left modeling full time and am going into television and film. And I want to be a designer. I know it's a cliche and everyone wants to be a designer. But for all the time I've spent in fashion, I've learned so much. It was a natural progression."