Even something as basic as a bicycle can get a kick into the 21st century with the introduction of batteries, motors and artificial intelligence. E-bikes are literally electrifying human transport. Here, we’ve got the details on securing these three top-shelf choices.

Vintage Electric Roadster

As much a scooter as a bicycle, the Vintage might look like it has an old-timey radio wedged into its frame, but that throwback design flare houses the 1123 Wh battery. Throw in your pedal power, and the Vintage will hit 30 mph with ranges topping out around 60 miles, making this e-bike one of the fastest on the market—be sure to wear that helmet. A flick of the throttle tells the Vintage to do all the work on its own, but that will shorten the range. Heavy and sturdy at around 80 lbs., this is the ideal choice for the well-heeled beginner e-biker, as it does most of the work and chugs along under you with solid balance and assured confidence. $6,995, vintageelectricbikes.com

Gocycle G3 Carbon

The very top-of-the-line design from United Kingdom-based Gocycle, this version of its popular G3 model adds the extra strength of weight-saving carbon to make it one of the best urban-centric e-bikes on the market. Weighing only 32 lbs., the G3 Carbon lives for the city with its easy operation, precise maneuverability and foldable design for transport and storage. After a quick recharge with a specially provided power unit, a Gocycle operates like any geared bike. A twist of simple shifters kicks up the motoring power as pedaling speed increases, offering carefree moving assistance. Even better, the bike’s AI orders the gears to downshift when the bike stops, allowing an easy restart when stopped. $5,499, gocycle.com

BULLS E-Core EVO EN Di2 27.5

No other manufacturer offers as much variety as BULLS, with dozens of choices and personalized trim levels in its line. The E-Core EVO EN Di2 27.5 could use a shorter, catchier name, but there’s no questioning this mountain bike’s elite performance. Boosted by Shimano’s 250W E8000 eMTB motor with two 375Wh power packs—and steadied with 180 mm front and rear suspension—there’s no outdoor path it can’t master, uphill or down (trusty Shimano hydraulic brakes with 203 mm discs don’t hurt either). Once the dust settles behind you, this EVO provides a comfortable, sophisticated ride home. $8,499, bullsebikes.com