This season, the top Champagne producers are topping themselves. Whether you’re looking for a gift rich in effervescence or you want to take your holiday aperitifs up a notch, here are a few of the very finest new offerings.

Besserat de Bellefon 1843 Midnight Cuvée

For a house established in 1843, the Champagnes of which were selected for service aboard the Concorde in 1978, Besserat de Bellefon has remained somewhat quiet over the decades. This dazzling, decidedly French packaging announces a new era for the brand as Godefroy Baijot takes over from his father, longtime head of the family-owned house. Limited to only 1,843 bottles, the blend launched this year and shares the same food-friendly, nutty style that has made the wines a favorite of fine restaurants. The property’s chef de cave recommends pairing it with a lobster dish embellished with a shellfish and star anise sauce. That should do just fine. $299, Brindille;

Bollinger 007 Limited Edition Vintage 2011

It’s said that Bollinger became James Bond’s bubbly of choice (since Roger Moore’s era, anyway) with a simple handshake deal, as befits someone in Her Majesty’s secret service. To mark the film series’ 25th installment, Bollinger brings out a slick new bottling, a blanc de noir sourced from a single grand cru vineyard in Aÿ, France. Vinified in oak barrels and aged for seven years under cork, the rich palate offers stewed fruits and a mineral-note finish. In the glass it’s as golden as a gun. $230, Binny’s Beverage Depot;

Krug Collection 1988

The House of Krug is known for setting its bottlings aside, typically for a decade, before they’re even released, part of what gives the wines their signature depth and elegance. The new limited re-release of the Krug Collection 1988—the first of three legendary years in a row—shows an intense gold color and a nose of white flowers and apple tart. The wine has blossomed quietly in the house’s cellars, creating a true treasure for bubble aficionados. $899, Hart Davis Hart Wine Co.;

Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage Collection 2002

The fruit on this dense-thoughdancing sparkler has matured, offering candied pear and plum at the front of the palate and giving way to subtle spice and citrus notes. There’s a honeyed, toasty warmth to the wine, the house’s 68th vintage, that makes it a real crowd-pleasermuch like the other distinctive treats coming from the Grand Vintage library the winery maintains. $109, Midway Wholesalers;

Dom Pérignon Plénitude 2 2002

This legendary producer, named after the clergyman credited with inventing the style, has a charming term for the lovely plateau sometimes reached by great aged Champagnes: plénitude. The house rightly describes it as a “second life,” and we are lucky to share in the gorgeous moment. “Plénitude 2 reveals... vintage 2002 in a new light,” says chef de cave Vincent Chaperon, “bringing the wine a radiant golden vibrancy.” The classic toastiness of the house is given complexity here, with hints of confit fruit, marzipan and fresh coriander. $390,