You have undoubtedly heard of the new TWA Hotel out at JFK—a swank spot tucked inside a midcentury Eero Saarinen gem. And flight aficionados and design heads have raved about the pool deck and the views. But you haven't made it out yet because, well, JFK. It's a chore to get there on the best of days.

NYC-based aviation company BLADE has it sorted out. For the next several Sundays, the fliers have made reservations for you. Start at the BLADE Lounge West on W. 30th Street. Catch a ride in a six-seater Bell 407 helicopter. Enjoy the views along the way. Have brunch (it's included, except for a gratuity) by the pool pictured here. Fly back to Manhattan. Nap, or otherwise enjoy Sunday as you see fit. ($390).