Men's footwear brand, Wolf & Shepard, is partnering up with basketball legend Steve Nash and the Steve Nash Foundation to bring fine footwear and charity together. This footwear line from Wolf & Shepard is 25% less expensive than their average shoe pricepoint. The collaboration with Nash and his organization has a lower price range in hopes to serve as a cost-effective entry point into Wolf & Shepard at $269.

The Steve Nash Foundation is a charity that is pushing to provide resources and opportunities for kids of all backgrounds to live healthier lifestyles. The shoe itself is composed of fine Italian leather, memory foam, and an athletic style 'EVA sole' and other sport-oriented features to have a nicely balanced athletic and dress shoe combo.

Justin Schneider, the Founder and CEO of Wolf & Shepard explains that working with Steve Nash has been a very special collaboration. “Working with Steve [Nash] has been about as great an experience as you could ask for. He embodies so much of who we aspire to be as a brand - both on and off the court," says Schneider.

In hopes to create something that you can wear with both slacks or jeans, the collaboration has fostered a shoe that is as comfortable as it is stylish.