“What’s old is new again” is a mantra that has long guided fashion, and this season, that also goes for accessories. Cue the return of glacier sunglasses, at once a fashion statement and seriously practical. With several brands—from high-fashion to high-function—modernizing this vintage alpine style, now is the time to up your eyewear game and protection, which, of course, is much needed when living or spending time at 7,908 feet. “These are casual, sporty, weekend shades,” says celebrity stylist Jill Lincoln, half of the styling duo that works with Jennifer Lawrence, Rachel Brosnahan and Jennifer Garner, among others. “Since the 1980s, there seems to have been an embargo on the specific ski fashions of that period. I’m happy to see that ban has been lifted.” Whether you’re donning these bold sunglasses to combat the wind and sun or simply to ward off crow’s-feet, the latest trend in eyewear is Everest-ready but city-street cool.


Originally designed in the 1970s, the Italian-made Vuarnet Glacier model has been worn by everyone from world explorers to James Bond in Spectre. Acetate and steel frames are paired with removable side shields and a leather cord. $640,


Moncler’s black acetate frames with pink mirrored lenses and leather “blinkers” are a serious statement mountainside, or anywhere that standing out from the crowd is key. $635


More-than-a-century-old French company Julbo reissued this Cham style, named for the fierce mountaineers of Chamonix, France. Shiny metal complements tan leather sideshields and mirrored lenses to offer maximum protection and style. $170


The trend’s most luxe and statement-making option is Chanel’s snowy white metal, titanium and lambskin version from its winter-sports-inspired Coco Neige collection. $1,100


Designed with an adventurous lifestyle in mind, the AETHER x SALT. sunglasses keep out wind and excessive sunlight without limiting peripheral vision thanks to specially made silicone sideshields with strategically sized holes.