A man of action — a man of means — doesn’t have time for those tasks that are necessary, though tiresome. Regardless of where he’s jetting off to or what deals he’s nailing down, there are still chins to shave, teeth to brush and floors to vacuum.

The Roomba s9+ puts the 21st century world of AI and robotics to work keeping a home or office immaculate. It employs advanced 3D sensors, reading the room’s terrain and combining its own sense of direction with the instructions the owner programs. Roomba’s PerfectEdge Technology keeps this bot hugging close to the walls and corners. The included Anti-Allergen System traps allergens from escaping the robot and reentering the environment.


This robot calls its Clean Base home — the HQ where it charges and cleans itself with its Automatic Dirt Disposal system. The dirt daring to soil a man’s kingdom has no hope against a working droid equipped with 40-times the suction of previous generation Roomba vacuums.

The Roomba s9+ with the Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal system retails for $1,299 and is available now.