With the 2019 Major League Baseball World Series coming up, Hawaiian Heritage clothing brand Reyn Spooner (reynspooner.com) has decided to expand on their exclusive Aloha shirts from last season that featured 12 teams. This year, Reyn Spooner is offering custom shirts for all 30 teams in the MLB so you can support your team in unique style.

"A lot of research goes into our MLB scenic prints – stadium views, unique stories, city attractions – so when a shirt sells out, you know you have served the fan base well. Sitting in the stadium eating a Dodger Dog surrounded by fans wearing our shirts was a fun memory of the 2019 season," says the Creative Director for Reyn Spooner, Doug Burkman.

While this collaboration is available for everyone's favorite teams, the winner of the 2019 MLB World Series will have a limited edition shirt made for the public.

With the success of this collaboration with the MLB, Reyn Spooner is now in talks with the NBA to offer custom shirts for your favorite basketball teams. Keep an eye out for Reyn Spooner's future collaborations so you can represent your city with a Hawaiian flair.