David Yurman’s name is the one on the stores, the one inscribed onto the inside of silver wedding bands. But though his is the name you think of for engagement rings and diamond-encrusted pendants, this is truly a family business.

“I’ve been involved in jewelry design, working alongside my parents from a very young age,” says Evan Yurman, chief creative officer and son of David and Sybil Yurman. “It’s in my DNA. There was never a specific moment when I decided to join the business; it was something that took place organically over time.” Evan steps into the company spotlight more than ever before as he oversees the relocation of the David Yurman flagship, a 57th Street cache of the world’s most beautiful gems. Previously located on Madison Avenue, the new store encompasses 5,000 square feet of women’s, men’s, wedding jewels and watches.

“57th Street is one of the world’s most luxurious and prized shopping destinations we're putting a stake in the ground and setting the stage for what’s to come,” Evan says.

He oversaw the design of the store and says he approached the task similarly to how he would in his own home: neutral palette, versatile lighting, natural materials and a more relaxed look than is common in other DY boutiques. He delighted over choosing luxurious furniture pieces by Philip Arctander, Nanna Ditzel, Heinz Lilienthal and more.

He and the family are already getting excited about upcoming holiday collections, including reiterations of the brand’s most popular collections, including Pinky Rings, Starburst and Renaissance. And next year, the team will be celebrating its 50th anniversary.

“We are a family of designers who constantly challenge ourselves,” he says. However, “it’s not only about jewelry but about a lifestyle—the fun, the joy, the interchange with another human being.” 5 E. 57th St., davidyurman.com