Whether he’s an esteemed corporate executive or a hustling up-and-comer, it’s a near certainty that a man spends too much time in front of computer screens in all their forms. Hours of intense focus on that unnatural light can strain and potentially damage the eye.

The eyewear architects at Gunnar offer lenses that protect eyes within stylish frames that settle in nicely with cutting edge fashions. Gunnar micro-forges its hand-crafted, light materials in Europe. Their techs install inner bendable cores and spring hinges with a measured flex rate to provide a comfortable fit. Precision metal hinges create stability so the wearer can worry about the work at his fingertips without his glasses slipping.


Maintaining the Gunnar modern look, the various eyewear selections use one-piece front construction without welds. The lenses then employ multi-layered acetates to catch and reflect light away from the wearer.

Gunnar makes eyewear for everyone from computer users to gamers, and prices start around $50. gunnar.com