Fashion powerhouse, Prada, is teaming up with the iconic brand, Adidas, to release a limited-edition shoe and a bowling bag that both represent the unique and signature styles of these two legendary brands.

Using the styles from both brands, Prada and Adidas have created beautiful products that speak to the simplicity and elegance of Adidas and the luxury standard of Prada. The bowling bag is an echo of Prada's bowling bag with an added flair of Adidas' gym bag, creating a collaboration that speaks to both brands and their backgrounds.

Handmade in Italy, all of the products in the collaboration features the meticulous detail that is expected in all Prada products; the bag itself is made with calf leather and features a sporty nylon strap, with the outside of the bag showcasing the twinned logos of Prada and Adidas Originals.


The shoe collaboration is something of simplistic beauty as well. With only 700 pairs made, each pair feature a unique serial number making this unique collaboration set in stone, or leather, if you will. The shoe itself features the classic rubber shell toe, a herringbone-patterned sole, the signature serrated triple-stripe that represents Adidas. To call out Prada and the collaboration, the Adidas logo on the heel sits alongside the unmistakable Prada logotype.

This remarkable collaboration retails online through and, and at selected Prada stores worldwide starting on December 4, 2019. Are you going to add this historic partnership to your closet this winter?