The dawn of camera-centric mobile devices like the iPhone 11 and Samsung Galaxy 10 puts professional quality photography tools in the hands of millions. However, without the proper lighting, there’s only so much even the highest pixel camera can do.

The $175 Lume Cube Two Pack provides the equivalent of a professional photography lighting kit you can fit in a shoebox. Any would-be Ansel Adams gets two of the Lume Cube 2.0 – the media world’s smallest pro quality LED light for photos and video production. Charged via USB-C to run about 90 minutes at full power, the golf ball-sized Lume Cube emits a daylight balanced 95+ CRI light with an 80º beam angle lens. The end result is a full spread of bright, even lighting that makes it significantly easier to take top quality cell phone photos.

In addition to the two Lume Cubes, the kit includes accessories such as filters and gels to soften and diffuse light and adjust color temperature for more advanced work.