If you ever looked down from a window seat to watch ground crew load or unload passenger baggage, you know every bag doesn’t exactly earn the care and respect your belongings deserve. The folks at Pelican specialize in designing and constructing travel cases immune to such mistreatment.

Travelers looking to move their gear with peace of mind come to Pelican for impact-resistant, water-proofed cases made of modern materials that keep weight down. Available in a variety of sizes and forged in sizes to fit everything from clothing to high-tech equipment, the Pelican line looks to fit any need.


The 1615 Travel Air Case ($445) is the go-to model for check-in air travel. Its highlight is its adaptability. A mix of built-in mesh pockets and removable bags give the buyer the ability to adjust the packing space. Once loaded and locked, you can wish the handlers luck banging up the 1615.

The 45Q Elite Wheeled Cooler ($379) doesn’t look to travel by air. It’s happy going back and forth to the beach or the backyard BBQ while keeping its content cool and stone cold safe. The 45Q blends thermal consistency with the same safety as the 1615.