Digital photo frames are now new to the market, but the products coming from Nixplay add technological elements and interactive capabilities not seen before in this niche gadget class.

Starting at $260 and ranging in size from 13.3 to eight inches, Nixplay frames can show off a variety of favorited photos and videos like any other HD device. However, these new units have wifi connectivity and inbuilt storage — allowing the owner to upload, store and display photos and videos via direct connectivity or via email. By using Nixplay’s free app, users can take photos and videos and send them for display immediately online. In other words, a traveler can share what he or she is seeing and enjoying with a Nixplay frame almost immediately with anyone watching the digital frame back home.


Scattered family members can also build a private network with Nixplay frames — sending images and videos back and forth to each other as long as everyone owns one of these branded units.