British heritage brand N.Peal is no stranger to luxurious mystique. Their signature cashmere sweaters are perfectly opulent without many frills. It’s no wonder that James Bond would find himself draped in the sumptuous fabric as he ventures around the globe. In the latest Bond flick, No Time To Die, Mr. Daniel Craig will be sporting N.Peal in many of the film's key scenes — as his final voyage as the secret agent, any piece he wears is sure to become an icon.


To coincide with the film’s release this spring. N.Peal is releasing an exclusive collection of Bond-inspired knitwear for the modern man. It’s both robust and handsome and always ready for adventure — much like the character it's drawing inspiration from. Don’t miss your chance to get ahold of one of these bombshells upon the release in April. Who knows what type of mission it will take you on.