Winter struck half the U.S. ahead of schedule in late 2019, rushing you into that time of year when a ringing smartphone means ignoring a call or forcing your hands out into the cold.


Chilly weather means gloves and traditional gloves stand between fingertips and touchscreens. The people behind Mujjo identified this unhappy marriage and created insulated touchscreen gloves that keep your digits warm while you dial the digits of others. The brand shoots over the head of other types of screen-friendly gloves with sleek styling and elite material. For reasons this scribe struggles to explain, there’s just something cool about wearing such a pair of contoured black leather gloves. Mujjo gets that.

These Leather Crochet Touchscreen Gloves wrap around the top of the Mujjo line. Combining fine woven work with the fine leather Mujjo uses in all of their gloves, they should weave their way into an essential role with your winter wardrobe.