From clothes to grooming products and even snacks, there are so many kits and boxes of goodies on the market today that it seems like no matter what you want to build a base for, you can find a kit to help get you going.

For men, we like to have a more curated and specific approach to the things we keep in our homes, which is something that Jonathan Beekman, Founder and CEO of Man Crates quickly realized after seeing how uninspiring men's gifts were. Man Crates is a company that will send you a personalized crate (yes, a crate that you pry open with a crowbar) right to your doorstep. No matter if you want to show your love for grilling, whiskey, your beard, or even knife making, Man Crates has the kit for you.


“In 2011, my wife and I began noticing how uninspiring men’s gifts were, so we saw an opportunity to challenge the category and make them memorable and awesome. We invested the money we had, sold my motorcycle and moved into my apartment which became our first warehouse," says Beekman.

With a mission to give guys gifts that they actually want, Man Crates will come in to save the day with dozens of great options to choose from. So instead of giving (or getting) that boring necktie or pocket square, maybe a crate filled with outdoor survival gear or even a leather belt making materials is more your speed.


"Men and women are buying and gifting our crates to friends, family members, and even soldiers serving overseas and they’re one of our greatest sources of new crate ideas. It’s been a joy to watch how our products have improved the gifting experience and the fun memories families and friends are able to make," says Beekman.