Lexus’ vision for the future looks bright judging by their futuristic concept vehicle that they just launched at the Tokyo Motor Show. Their new LF-30 concept boasts advanced technology with features like in-wheel electric motors, steering by wire, and Lexus Advanced Posture Control.


In-wheel electric motors for each of the vehicle’s four wheels and low positioning of the battery enable better handling of inertia and high-level driving performance. Autonomous driving technologies and drone support vehicle technologies look ahead to the year 2030 and the widely expanded value that vehicles can offer. Lexus Advanced Posture Control technology regulates the drive-power output from high-torque electric motors to adjust vehicle posture in tune with human sensibilities. Completely independent control of front and rear drive wheels allows appropriate provision of front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive, depending on the driving situation. Compact and lightweight drive-power units expand freedom in vehicle packaging and are used to enable the driver to enjoy ideal driving, regardless of the road surface or driving conditions.

Lexus also envisions the 2030 LF-30 with the “Lexus Airporter” drone-technology, a support vehicle that uses autonomous control to for example transport baggage from a household doorstep to the vehicle’s luggage area. While perhaps sci-fi in thought now, ten years from now this likely could become reality.