The fragrance that we choose to wear is a deeply personal decision. Not only does it ignite one of the key senses linked to memory when detected, but it also arguably leaves the greatest impression. For men though, fragrance is about a careful balance of masculinity, ease, and reliability. Three characteristics that renowned perfumer Jo Malone clearly understands demonstrated by their first-ever men’s fragrance collaboration with legendary tailor Huntsman Savile Row.

The collection of four highly-refined fragrances combines the specialness of traditional tailoring from Huntsman with the painstaking attention to detail and craft we have come to expect from Jo Malone - infused with wholly masculine scents that feel exciting and fresh for the perfumer. Amber & Patchouli create a seductive scent when layered with smokey guaiacwood, Black Pepper and Birch come together with the warmth of cardamom, while the deep notes of aged Whiskey is spiked with spicy pimento and cedar to create one of the most enthralling evening scents we have smelled in some time.

The most enticing though may be the unexpected combination of Assam - aka black tea - and grapefruit that packs just the right punch of comfort and modernity. We can’t imagine starting off our mornings with a spritz of anything else so quintessentially British and enticingly elegant.