Jaguar and actress Alexandra Daddario from “True Detective” and “Why Women Kill” have teamed up with famed fashion photographer Max Montgomery to capture the beauty and essence of Jaguar’s final run of the current generation Jaguar XJ. Known as the XJ Collection Special Edition, this exclusive luxury sedan will be available to only 300 US customers and is based on the rear-wheel drive XJL Supercharged with its 470 horsepower V8 engine.


"The Jaguar XJ has always represented the pinnacle of Jaguar’s model line-up,” said Julian Thomson, Jaguar’s Design Director. “With its skillful blend of beautiful design, engaging performance and revered luxury, it has always proved a class apart, rewarding its driver just as much as it cossets and comforts the passenger. The limited edition XJ Collection is the ultimate expression of refinement and timeless luxury." Daddario and Montgomery capture this expression in their exclusive series of photos taken to celebrate this final run.

The XJ Collection is further distinguished by its “XJ One of 300 Collection” nameplate and a gloss oak veneer with a linear laser inlay, not seen on any other XJ model. Standard features on the $85,000 XJ Collection include Adaptive Cruise Control, 360 Degree Parking Aid, 360 Degree Surround Camera, all-season tires and an 8-speed automatic transmission. Going out with a bang is what this current generation XJ is set to do, though we can’t wait to see what Jaguar has created for their next generation XJ, but in the meantime the XJ Collection will do just fine.