In attempts to get men to pay more attention to their skincare routine, Christopher Carl and Samantha Bergmann sought out options to take the work out of having healthy and happy skin.

While most men may wash their faces or use lotion when their skin is dry, many stop at this point not realizing that they can do so much more for their skin by doing so little. Carl and Bergmann saw this complex relationship that men have with face care and wanted to do something about it, so they created HETIME.

To learn a bit more about the problematic relationship that lies behind men's skincare and how the HETIME brand is combating that attitude, we spoke with the two Co-Founders who initially addressed this problem, Christopher Carl and Samantha Bergmann.

Why did you start HETIME?

Christopher Carl: "In short, we want to change men’s relationship with skincare. The long version is, we saw two main things that are wrong with men’s skincare today that we knew we could do better:

The way men use skincare has not changed a bit over the years. It’s not something you look forward to but more means to an end, an unconscious process that merely addresses a problem. We are the first skincare brand for men that not only focuses on superior results but optimizes the entire experience. Like your morning cup of coffee, we’re something that you just can’t wait to do, a ritual with purpose, not just a mundane task.

Most brands out there try to overcompensate for the fact that they are targeting men by using dark colors and ‘bro-y’ language. In our opinion, this is not only unnecessary but counterproductive as it amplifies gender stereotypes. At HETIME we want to include men in the skincare and self-care conversation by focusing on the value proposition of a skincare ritual and our products - not by tricking them into buying something that tries to justify itself by being hypermasculine. We want to level the playing field and make skincare an inclusive space with products that speak for themselves."

Why market a brand specific to men?

For two reasons. We see a need to include men in the skincare and self-care conversation and in order to do that, we need to address them specifically and intelligently. Secondly, men have their own unique skin composition that needs to be addressed from an ergonomic and formulation perspective. HETIME takes all of that into account.

What do you have to say to men who disregard face care?

Samantha Bergmann: "We get you. It piggybacks off why we started HETIME in the first place. Skincare doesn’t have to be a chore nor do brands have to speak down to you and tell you that the product you should be using is super “manly”.

Skincare is, in fact, an important topic and something you can’t start early enough. Most men that don’t have a skincare routine don’t even know how pleasurable and beneficial taking care of their skin can be. It truly can help you look and feel your best. HETIME is here to give you the tools to take care of your skin in an easy, more meaningful and effective way."

What is the most overlooked part of a face care routine?

The “me-time” part of it! Taking care of yourself is a time to be in tune with yourself and enjoy the process. It’s a rare occasion where you can zone out and refocus. In addition to our powerful natural ingredients and real-time results, our products make taking HETIME a very conscious and purposeful decision.

Tell us a bit about how your masks are different than others on the market?

Three main areas:

Shape: We custom engineered our now patent-pending shape to fit perfectly on a man’s face. It is wider, takes receding hairlines into account and conveniently avoids the beard and mouth area making our mask easier to put on and wear than any other mask on the market.

Formulation: Together with our state of that art lab in the US we formulated our serums to work especially well with men’s skin.

Ingredients: HETIME masks are clean and natural. We only use the highest quality, ingredients that are proven to provide real-time benefits making our products more effective than any other skincare treatment.