Like Rolls-Royce on the ground or Blohm+Voss at sea, Gulfstream Jets are synonymous with the most elite levels of international travel. Marking its latest achievement in the world of private air travel, the firm recently announced the delivery of its 400th G650ER Jet to a private buyer.


Selling for a reported $66 million, the G650ER is known throughout the airline industry for its long range. The company made the news earlier this year when a G650ER set a new record for the farthest business jet flight in history. The Gulfstream flew from Singapore to Tucson in 15 hours and 23 minutes — flying past the previous record by 44 minutes. The flight’s stats report the Gulfstream twinjet covered the more than 8,300 mile run at an average groundspeed of 626 statute miles per hour.