We’re still months away from the holiday season, so gifts for anyone might not be on a practical person’s mind yet. Fortunately, you’re devoted to the life of luxury, and “practical” is not in your vocabulary. These high-end gifts will brighten your day—any time of year.

Master & Dynamic MW65 Active Noise-Canceling Headphones


Master & Dynamic doesn’t mess around with the general audio marketplace. It crafts equipment for the well-heeled audiophile. The new $499 MW65 active noise-canceling headphones settle over the ear and employ 40 mm beryllium audio drivers to power a refined sound. The company’s inhouse audio-canceling technology works to neutralize surrounding clatter—making the MW65 a prime choice for veteran air travelers.

Royal Albatross Shoes


Although it’s known primarily within the golf fashion and luxury accessory world, Royal Albartross produces some of the finest leather footwear in the athletic realm. Its new golf shoe creations combine top-shelf materials with styles that can carry any player from the course to the 19th hole without a change of kicks. At $300-plus per pair, the Men’s Club Collection also offers spikeless sneaker designs that don’t require fairways to swing into action.

Bushnell Pro XE Laser Golf


Bushnell sets the standard in laser rangefinders for golfers. At $550, the Pro XE is the most expensive unit in the company’s line. It’ll easily ID the distance to any pin while also using slope, temperature and barometric pressure to offer accurate compensated distances to the stick.

Vintage Electric Pedal-Assist Bicycle


E-bikes are nothing new, but the innovators behind Vintage Electric separate their machines from the crowd with classic sci-fi aesthetics, aggressive speed and exclusive pricing. Combining your leg power with lithiumion batteries and a connected direct-drive rearhub electric motor, the four Vintage models can produce around 36 mph with ranges topping out near 75 miles. Don’t let the Flash Gordon looks deceive you. This $7,000 bicycle is a serious modern travel tool.