Gibson, one of the most iconic guitar brands in the world, pays tribute to "The Father of Rock N' Roll," Chuck Berry, for his birthday. Though the guitar is brand new, it will feature a historically accurate signature from the legend himself. This limited edition guitar will be a replica of Berry's seasoned 1955 ES-350T; working with the Chuck Berry family, Gibson worked to produce a replica as exact as they possibly could.


Available at authorized Gibson dealers worldwide, with only 55 available worldwide, this legendary replica is $9,999, and holds true to not only Gibson's standard for quality instruments, but the rendition is so on point that it even surprises Berry's son, Charles Berry Jr. "How is it that I’m now holding a brand-new, as authentic as it gets ES-350T?” explains Berry Jr, “Gibson wanted to do a guitar with my Dad…the goal was to make them as authentic as possible. And this is as authentic as possible…absolutely perfect.”


The guitar will also feature a replica strap and a replica of the Zuni “Sun God” bolo tie that Chuck wore throughout the 1950’s, most notably when he was performing on American Bandstand, where he is said to have changed the world of music forever. Gibson's tribute to the Father of Rock n' Roll was a no brainer for the company as they are paying a nod of respect to one of the greats who has inspired so many performers and musicians alike. “Chuck Berry’s music has inspired generations of artists all over the world,” said Elizabeth Heidt, Gibson Brands’ Director of Entertainment Relations, “his iconic songwriting and unique performance style shaped the future of the guitar.”