If the product highlights from the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas are any indication, gadget fans will be getting outdoors, getting healthy, and getting VERY entertained in the coming year. Here are some of our top gear picks from the show floor. Scroll to the end for a ground-breaking sneak peek at how technology can solve one of life's most pressing problems.


Audio Technica ATH-AWKT Dynamic Wooden Headphones

Like the Wilco song says, “put on your headphones, before you explode....” Nothing beats the old-school experience of listening to high-quality music with high-quality over-ear headphones. The new ATH-AWKT “cans” from industry leader Audio-Technica elevate that experience into luxury: Expect musical instrument-grade Japanese striped ebony wood surrounds and details to deliver clear, staged sound reproduction; efficient German Permendur magnetic 53mm drivers for high-resolution sonic response; and a lightweight magnesium framework and sheepskin earpads to ensure optimal head fit and ear seal. $650, audio-technica.com


Facebook/Oculus Quest

As more software experiences (think Star Wars) come on-line and as headgear technology advances, VR googles become more and more of a lifelike adventure you can have at home. Facebook/Oculus’ new Quest headset/controller combo is the brand’s first all-in-one, no wires, no PC gadget, so you can “play” almost anywhere. Ergonomic controllers translate hand movements and gestures with precision, built-in positional audio mimics realistic sound based on the virtual environment you are playing in, and Oculus’ Guardian system defines the boundaries of your gaming area and keeps you and your team (and opponents) focused on fun. $400, oculus.com


URGOTECH URGOnight system

In today’s fast-paced and stressful times, quality sleep eludes many of us. The new URGOnight system comprises a scanning headset, teamed with a smart phone app, to actually “train” your brain into more restful, healing sleep cycles naturally and during the day. The wearable EEG unit fits comfortably on your head, and recommended wear time is 20 minutes a day, three days a week. Brain wave patterns are fed to the smart phone app, and a series of relaxing training games and exercises cycle your noggin through beneficial SMR brain wave patterns that promote healthy sleep. $500, urgonight.com


Manta5 XE-1

After many years of research and development, New Zealand’s Manta5 company debuted its new XE-1 electronic assist/pedal hydrofoil bike that bridges the gap between waterborne recreation and fitness. Lightweight carbon-fiber construction makes it a breeze to transport to the water, and easy to load and unload. A forward-facing variable-speed prop keeps the “bike” upright and high in the water while your own foot power produces additional momentum, with a maximum speed of 12 knots. Designed for both fresh and saltwater exploration, the XE-1 creates a new category in water sports that is both fun and fitness-oriented. $7,490, manta5.com

Canon EOS-1D X Mark III Camera

The long-anticipated successor to Canon’s flagship product in the DLSR space, the EOS-1D X Mark III, offers state-of-the-art photography functionality to pro-am shooters who want to, well, go way beyond the “selfie.” Still, the robust 20.1 Megapixel, in-board image processor-equipped, body-part tracking, CMOS-enabled auto-focus unit incorporates improvements recommended by Canon’s professional users in the field in the worlds of sports, wildlife and journalism photography, including features specifically aimed at easier social media use via an optional wireless file transmitter. $6,499, usa.canon.com


Panasonic 5K VR Glasses

Electronics giant Panasonic is betting on VR fans' interest in looking a little cooler. While most VR headgear is clunky and cumbersome, these new glasses have quite a stylish, retro look to them, but are fully equipped for ultra-high-definition virtual adventures: powered by a Micro LED panel for superb image quality and a Technics audio driver for solid sound reproduction, the glasses are available in multiple colors for even more of a style quotient. price unannounced at press time, panasonic.com

Samsung Q950TS QLED 8K TV

Immersive viewing, impeccable audio, smart home integration and a clean nearly bezel-less design combine in Samsung’s latest flagship line of QLED displays. The new line will be the first televisions to pull together surround-sound audio and true-to-life 8K resolution in a very big way: up to 85 inches. But the massive screens are 15mm thin, making them an easy and eye-catching addition to your media room. price unannounced at press time, samsung.com

Miomove Smart Insole

Runners can tweak and optimize their stride with a new smart insole sensor/phone app device from Czechlolovakian start-up miomove. Developed with university scientists, the sensor-equipped insoles are slipped into your running shoes, and data about your step patterns and foot pressure variations are captured and evaluated for optimal performance. The smartphone app logs the data and visualizes it in real-time, so you get immediate feedback of your running style and analysis of areas you can improve. price unannounced at press time, miomove.com

POW Audio UnaX Portable Speaker

Most small Bluetooth speakers just don’t pump out enough volume, especially outdoors. And larger portable speakers? Well, they are just a hassle to haul. POW Audio bridges that gap with the “collapsable” Una X speaker. Compressed for travel, the unit is only 2 inches deep and easy to slip into your bag or backpack. Expanded, it offers a 6.5-inch by 6.8-inch speaker system that uses proprietary WaveBloom technology to deliver old-school “boombox” style volume and bass response to fill your world with sound. The speaker is water-resistant, can float and offers 14 hours of runtime after a 2-hour charge. $149.99, powaudio.com


Charmin Rollbot

Just for fun, and in the “who gives a s***” category, Charmin toilet paper actually caused a show sensation with the debut of its Rollbot, a smart TP delivery system to assuage those moments of personal anxiety when you realize the roll is done. The Rollbot stays out of sight, with a pre-loaded emergency roll, and a phone app summons the two-wheeled self-balancing robot, shaped like the adorable Charmin Bear, when you’re stuck in a tricky situation. As part of Charmin’s exhibition-only GoLab at CES, the Rollabot will not be available as a retail product anytime soon, but it shows how technology can solve nearly every problem of everyday life! news.pg.com/press-kit/ces-2020/charmin-golab