Even though the very name of Bourbon has entirely French origins, we don’t often associate France with whiskey. While connoisseurs turn to the French for wine or cognac, the distillers at Giraud look to change that.

Led by master blender Georges Clot, these French Whiskies grow organically from the land owned by The House of Alfred Giraud and its estates. From the barley to the wood forging the barrels, it’s entirely an in-house operation.


These high-end spirits arrive on U.S. shores under two names – Heritage ($155) and Harmonie ($195). Heritage is a triple malt, non-chill filters whisky aged in a triple wood cognac barrels to achieve its natural warm color. Harmonie offers a sly nod toward a blended Scotch with its smokier, slightly peated, triple malt flavor. It also undergoes the same filtering process.

Limited to about 20 or so casks annually, both varietals are now arriving in North America ad await a spot on any whiskey fan’s well dusted shelf.