With the second half of the NFL season in full swing and NCAA bowl season closing fast, football is on most men’s minds this time of year. But, while the average Joe Sixpack might be happy throwing the old pigskin around, a gentleman of refinement selects an oblong spheroid rendered from more dangerous beasts.

The craftsman at Leather Head Sports forge classic footballs out of leather from the belly of a black python, the skin of a shark or the back of an alligator. With prices starting at $800, these exotic denizens of the gridiron have classic lines of game balls from the distant past and seem more suited to a decorative mantle than a backyard game of two-handed touch.


Aside from giant snakes and ocean predators, less deadly creatures such as bison and cows give their hides to Leatherhead footballs. Even those get special treatment — including a blue suede version ready for display at Graceland. It all fits because Elvis did enjoy football. He said it was “like life — in four quarters time.” leatherheadsports.com