The master watchmakers at Chopard introduced the elaborate L.U.C All-In-One timepiece ten years ago. Since then, this tourbillon-equipped masterpiece that carries no less than 14 essential and whimsical timekeeping indications on its front and back faces has fascinated watch lovers not only for its exquisite execution, but also for its rarity. Little-seen enhancements like a double-digit date, small seconds hand on the tourbillon space, a perpetual calendar function with a combined 12- and 24-hour/day of the week subdial and a combined month/leap year indicator ride on the front. On the case back, rarer astronomical indicators, like an equation of time (which indicates the slight variance of apparent solar time and mean solar time) and a circular orbital moon phase gauge, join the 7-day power reserve, day/night indicator and perhaps the timepiece’s most unique function of all, customizable sunrise and sunset indicators. For the first time, Chopard has released a one-of-kind version of the L.U.C All-In-One specifically calibrated to New York City.


Even though it incorporates 14 complicated indicators, Chopard’s L.U.C All-In-One New York City timepiece presents a clean, modern design vibe.


The L.U.C All-In-One New York City carries special indicators calibrated to New York City’s sunrise and sunset times.

Creating such a grand complication watch that delivers pretty much the totality of time to the wrist of someone from the city that never sleeps speaks volumes about the maison’s dedication to in-house, masterful and envelope-pushing development. Yet the complexity of the timepiece is belied by its uncannily accessible design. Yes, the All-In-One New York City represents the epitome of traditional complicated timekeeping technology rendered to the highest degree of finishing and refined detail work, in gleaming platinum with a sunburst blue dial and sober blue strap, to boot. But the innovative combination, legibility and overall usefulness of the many functions is presented in an appealing, understated manner, and in a remarkably thin 18.5mm case, considering the mechanics contained therein. The smart choices and unfussy character of this marvel are a perfect match for Gotham, a city whose residents balk at the very idea of making “too big a deal” out of anything, even if its impact is massive. Limited to one piece, price available on request,


Fourteen timekeeping indications in 18.5mm? A technological marvel.