Bulleit Frontier Whiskey is a company known for doing things differently – just as they demonstrated 32 years ago when presenting one of the first high-rye bourbons on the market. Today, pushing boundaries has become so ingrained into the brand’s DNA that they have started Bulleit Frontier Works, a series of project collaborations with artists pushing the frontier of their respective industries.

Their latest collaboration is with Dallas based artist Kyle Steed – who has channeled his boldly-hued sculptural-shaped designs into a pair of hand-painted 3D printed sneakers. Assembled and manufactured by the masterminds at Tangible Creative – the shoes take more than 200 hours to develop and require the printing machine to run for 12 straight days in order to fully construct.

With such innovative technology and painstaking craft, it’s no surprise that the sneakers are only available in extremely limited quantities on sneakerpolitics.com. We recommend springing over to the site to claim yours before it’s too late.