The best golf clubs these days quietly literally whip through the ball. Their shafts are made of the most advanced modern materials, so they flex — bending on the back swing, gathering kinetic energy, and releasing it on the downswing for maximum force. It’s an amazing bit of physics to watch.

The trouble is your putter will do the same thing to a significantly lesser degree, and nobody wants that if a squared face and maximum accuracy is the goal. A golfer may not feel it, but a metal shaft with today’s larger, heavier putting head causes wiggle in even the smoothest movement.

The custom-made Breakthrough Golf Technology Stability Shaft replaces the hollow steel of your putter with eight layers of carbon fiber to remove torsion from any putting stroke.

The various fits and shapes run to $550, and the company offers custom fitting. Send them your putter, and they’ll send it back with a shaft they guarantee will put you in the zone when on the greens.