We can put a computer in your hand, link it to your wristwatch and play its sounds through your head, but there hasn’t been a great deal of technical advancement made in that essential accessory we stick in our hip pocket. The folks at Ekster believe the billfold needs to evolve.

Their line of Smart Wallets are compact enough to fit anywhere from that hip to the breast of a suit coat. A specially designed, spring-loaded, RFID-protected compartment holds and hides your credit cards — fanning them out for easy removal with the touch of a button. The finest leather editions come to you for about $100.

Most importantly, Eksters come with a removable tracker card that works with a free app to keep your wallet on the radar at all times. The tracker works worldwide as long as you keep it juiced up and comes in handy whether you left your prized cowhide companion at there airport or just somewhere in a cluttered hotel room. ekster.com