Audi pulled the wraps off their newest electric vehicle, the 2020 e-tron Sportback. Based on the e-tron crossover, the Sportback e-tron trades some interior space for a swept-back rear roofline and some extra range (about 6 miles more for a total range of 210 miles) from the same 95 kWh battery. The e-tron Sportback can be thought of as an SUV coupe, like the BMW X4 or the Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe. Its roof extends flat over its body, dropping down steeply towards the rear—in typical coupé style— and flowing into the steeply raked D-pillars. The lower edge of the third side window rises towards the rear—a typical Sportback feature.


On the road, the e-tron Sportback55 Quattro promises to be relatively fun to drive with each axle featuring an asynchronous electric motor for a combined output of 414 lb.-ft. of torque, which should produce a roughly 6.5 second sprint from zero to 60 mph. While still behind even Tesla’s $39,490 Standard Range Plus Model 3 (250-mile range and 5.3 second sprint from zero to 60 mph), the e-tron Sportback is still a solid first attempt at an electric sportback, though with a starting price expected to be more than the e-tron’s base price of $74,800, the e-tron Sportback might be a hard sell, unless you really love its styling. That being said, we’ll reserve full judgment until we get behind the wheel. Here’s to hoping Audi’s newest e-tron is a standout.