In-home speakers have seemed to reach a point where they are not changing much. Whether they sit hidden in your home playing out of your walls, sitting perched on a desk, or if all else fails, out of your laptop or phone, not much innovation has come on the forefront for audiophiles and aesthetic junkies alike. This is where Brooklyn, New York-based Me and General Design come in with Swick Board 2.0.

Swick Board 2.0 uses a custom-crafted upcycled surfboard laced with speakers from Leon Speakers and Wi-Fi connectivity powered by SONOS. Integrating lights and speakers, these old non-biodegradable surfboards are sourced through the International Surfing Therapy Organization (ISTO) and refurbished to see a new life in your home, carving a new audio wave instead of sitting in a landfill to never be used again.


“Our goal for the SWICK Board 2.0 Kickstarter is to build a community around our mission,” says General Judd, Co-Founder of the firm. “We hope to generate funds to create a legacy around responsible manufacturing, that will provide a living to the shapers who bring new life to our boards and a revenue source for surf communities. We want to keep as many surfboards as we can out of landfills and SWICK’d out for many years to come.”

Along with taking trash out of landfills to give surfboards a new life, a portion of the proceeds from Swick Boards goes to ISTO, which uses surfing in attempts to alleviate symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, depression and other mental as well as physical challenges.

Spice up your interior design by bringing the surf into your home and let the waves of music wash over you and your guests, all while helping make the world a better place.