Gillette, a behemoth in the razor industry, has just upped the game and competition with its newly launched Heated Razor. The new razor features a stainless steel warming bar with adjustable temperatures, wireless charging, flexdisc technology to better shave tough-to-get spots, and it's even 100% waterproof.

The Heated Razor mimics the feeling of a hot towel shave that simply can't compare to traditional warm water shaving. The stainless steel heated bar has two different settings to ensure the right temperature shave for you; the warming bar allows for evenly distributed and continuous heat throughout your entire shave giving you that barbershop hot towel shave sensation.


The sleek and stylish design allows for the razor to sit on your bathroom counter almost going unnoticed. The wireless charging compatibility is as simple as placing your razor down, allowing quick and easy charging while also adding an aesthetic flair that most regular razors tend to lack. This design was focused on form and function, according to P&G's Ceo, Gary Coombe. “By fusing beautiful form with reimagined function, the Heated Razor from GilletteLabs truly elevates the shaving experience,” explains Coombe.

Living up to its hype, the razor sold out in less than a week when it was in its trial run in the fall of 2018, which allowed for Gillette to push the products for the spring of 2018 release date. To no surprise, this new standard in razor technology proved to be the choice of the people after winning the 'Engadget's People's Choice Award' at the Consumer Electronics show in 2019. Winning this award and reading countless reviews show just how different this product is than other traditional razors on the market, and proves that daily shaving doesn't have to be a chore, but an enjoyable experience.