Winter is inbound with great vengeance and furious anger, but that also means ski season and rum-imbued hot cocoas around a lodge fire—so we can live it. Since no self-respecting man of the slopes should be stuck with off-the-rack skis, Colorado-based Romp offers $2,000 custom skis made to any customer’s specific requirements.

Romp’s design experts connect with the buyer to determine what length and shape of ski would work best. Whether the individual skier takes to the snow with more athleticism and aggression or he’s more of an “old man winter” looking for more solidity than speed, the Romp team will lay out the best options.

The custom ski seeker can choose from three advanced materials. Triaxial Fiberglass is the more traditional choice, allowing the manufacturer to tune flex and camber. Ultra Light Carbon Fiber offers improved strength-to-weight ratio by forging lighter skis. Finally, Romp’s patented Countervail is a carbon fiber blend that minimizes vibration and improves stability. All options are available online during the custom design process.