The Diavel 1260 sits proudly in the middle of Ducati’s motorcycle catalog. Staring around $20,000, the naked-framed machine is more expensive than the popular Monster or the comfortable Multistrada, but not as pricey or ambitious as the track-inspired Panigale or Supersport.

However, this Diavel manages to include elements of all those designs. Well-balanced and reassuring on its feet, the 1260 lends confidence into turns like the Supersport. With 159 horsepower, it doesn’t promise Panigale speed—but it’s more than quick. Its low, broad-shouldered design provides comfortable ergonomics—making it a solid travel companion for longer trips like the Multistrada.


While it doesn’t feel as aggressive at speed as Diavel ancestors like the wonderful Carbon, what Ducati walked back in raw power it replaced with improved technology and safety features.

Ducati’s line focuses on variety and specialization—ranging its designs from commuting and touring to sport and racing. In all of that careful targeting, the Diavel 1260 is as close as Bologna’s favorite moto-maker comes to an all-purpose bike.