Extremely lightweight, simple to operate and comfortable on the go, a Gocycle electric bicycle makes a perfect companion for tearing through the streets of any cyclist-friendly city. The Minnesota-based company’s latest debut is the GXi E – a $3,300 e-bike designed to fold up in less than 10 seconds for easy carrying and storage.


After an easy, quick recharge with a specially provided cord unit, a Gocycle operates like any geared bike. A twist of simple shifters kick up the motoring power as pedaling speed increases, consistently offering adequate and carefree assistance. The traveler can keep the eyes up at metropolitan wonders without having to glance down at the controls. The gears even automatically downshift when the bike stops, allowing for easy movement from a dead stop.


The GXi E’s sturdy, understated design and weight-reducing frame make it the wrong choice for off-roading, but it’s perfect for dedicated urban exploration. gocycle.com