As for the helmet debate, we encourage all easy riders not only to comply with their local governing body, but to do so with real style. Arai is ready to be of assistance. Made of the finest materials, scientifically engineered and laid out in a myriad of colors and designs, these are serious helmets for serious, dedicated motorcycle lovers. The top of the line is the brand's Corsair-X RC ($4,000), a symphony in cerebellum-saving carbon based on the company's Formula 1 experience. And here's a set for those not currently on the race circuit.

Signet X ($830.95)

In its many color and emblem variations, the Signet X is one of the most attractive helmets you’ll find for the money. However, once it’s on your head and ready for duty, the reassuring, snug fit reminds you this is a piece of kit inspired entirely by Arai’s motorcycle racing pedigree.

Defiant X ($809.95)

A great street helmet for everyday use, the Defiant X was engineered with multiple layers of protective materials joined by proprietary industrial adhesives. There are also multiple vents at the mouth, eyes and in the rear to avoid overheating or steaming.

XD-4 ($769.95)

Ideal for the off-road or dirt bike rider with its precision “microfitting” 5 mm peel-away temple pads and FCS cheek pad design, the hyper-comfortable XD-4 would also work perfectly for quad riders.