If you picture sake served warm with Japanese fare, you’re like most, but as it turns out, there’s more lavish side to the popular spirit. Referred to as the “Dom of sake,” Hiro Gold Junmai Daiginjo hails from the centuries-old Taiyo Shuzo brewery in Niigata, Japan, and comes wrapped in opulent gold foil origami paper with beautiful golden tassels. Recommended cold to savor each flavor profile, the elegant sake evokes flavors described as a floral bouquet with modest notes of cantaloupe, banana aromas and a crisp finish. “I like to compare it to a drier Champagne that’s very aromatic,” says Sara Abbas, a consultant for Hiro on the West Coast, adding that this form of sake is emerging as a clean alternative to white wines and spirits—it’s gluten-free, histamine-free, sulfite-free and preservative-free, and has just 1 gram of sugar. hirosake.com